idea_of_sarcasm (idea_of_sarcasm) wrote,

Prompt taking - the second

As I finish up my smutty_claus fic (yes, for a moment let's all pretend we aren't shocked that I had to ask for an extension as per usual), I've decided to do more writing and not just bitch about lack of time (I'm sure it willl be just that easy). Since I have seen about five people on my f-list do it and since I'm a bloody sheep thought since I left so many prompts I would take them too :)

So, prompts! Christmas prompts if you are really keen on that. Pairing or single character (I am capable of gen) and also a prompt - specific or general as you like. Think about what you would most like to see appear on livejournal this season (with me writing it of course, heh)

I can't promise they will all be done before Christmas - even if I only get two prompts - this is me afterall. Still, I am going to try my best for that, or in a timely fashion afterwards if not :) I can't promise more than a ficlet (which hey, one might prefer, because if I get inspired to the plot bunny of doom it will just delay things :-P) but I will fulfill every wish/prompt in some fashion. even if it's a gen piece about one of the characters because I find the pairing annoying
Tags: fic from prompts
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