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*blows dust off*

Apparently I do remember the password to this thing.

Even how to type words.

Now writing, that is always the question.

Nov. 28th, 2013

It's taking me years of fic, and a dip into role playing, to finally face the truth that I should have realized well before:

I, idea_of_sarcasm, can't write smut.

Oh, I can write sex in the larger context of a story, but never as the focus. I can picture erotic scenes certainly, but one of two things happen when I try and write them isolated. The first is the characters start talking, and trying to develop themselves, and then try and work themselves into a story. The second is it sometimes becomes much more benign, less erotic, when it has to be focused on (by me).

You can understand, in the context of what I'm working on without time for the "larger context" I prefer, why this is particularly frustrating.
Update on writing attempting to write for the first time in over a year:

My stove has never been cleaner.

Musing and fanfic reading

When you log into LJ about once a month there is no point in paying anything in regards to the service.

But damned if the ads aren't annoying enough sometimes to make you consider it.

Working yesterday meant being around town for the long weekend. Combine that with a hangover from a nice patio night yesterday, and today has been the laziest day I've had in months. With a decision to entertain with fic, it's only meant delving back into one or two old ones remembered - livejournal seems a quiet place to find much for most 'fandoms', not just Harry Potter alone.

Yeesh, am I out of date. There could be a new 'bestest' ever site, and I wouldn't even know it.

(funny - only about ten icons with a free account, and they randomly selected one for me to keep that was even appropriate for the post)


Mini movie commentary

Star Trek - the most recent:

Well, a lot, but unimportant in the face of 'entertaining' in the end

'Read/write ALL the fic' urge like last time:
Surprisingly non existent. Too bad

Aug. 29th, 2012

That every two month drop in? Why hello!

For those who remember who I am, and want more than a wave in greetingCollapse )

smutty_claus signups are coming soon. It's the first year signing up isn't an automatic, so it will be a last minute decision on Sept 1st I think. I can pinpoint that fest and yuletide last year as the last time I was even semi-active online. I don't think I ever even reposted the fic, or properly responded to comments or gifters...or anything. /bad, horrible idea_of_sarcasm

I don't think you can forget how to write, but sometimes it sure feels like it when you haven't even opened Microsoft Word in forever though I keep having the best of intentions. I've enjoyed fandom, but I've always enjoyed writing even more. As it happens less and less as the years go on, it makes me regretful in a lot of ways.
Has it been since 2011 since I've updated livejournal? It's been since 2011 since I updated livejournal

I mean, I haven't even gone though all the stuff from yuletide yet. I can't remember the last time I logged on - I've even been paying for stuff on itunes rather than using certain comms, ha. I got until skip-400 today and then gave up; the only good part about having a small friends list though, is I can skim over all the personal things to not be completely in the dark :) I'm glad you're all still alive ;)

A large part of it is that I've been largely fandom inactive myself, and that's mostly what LJ has been for me, but I miss the interaction with people I've "known" on here!! Sometimes it seems like an all or nothing thing, though I know it really doesn't have to be. I did want to say thank you repeatedly to those who sent the V-gifts ♥ (maybe it hasn't been that long - I still remember the code to ♥ ha)

So, fandom in the LJ/DW world didn't implode, right?


Dropping in

I have not actually logged into livejournal in two weeks. No lie. Even at my worst busy times that is rare for me. So if all hell exploded....I'm sure I would have heard the resulting explosion?

I'm going to stalk everybody's livejournal to see if anybody posted a wishlist. If you didn't, you should :) Holidays are a special suck of mine, in which I turn into a complete sap. I'm not sure what I have time for this year, but I always want to try.

I did end up finishing smutty_claus. It was not the fic I wanted to write, even after the restart, because that was turning too epic, and I knew enough of what the recipient wanted I didn't want to butcher it just to get it done...so I switched to a less complicated concept. And felt like a failure. Not because I am, just because that is how I'm wired :) I still hate summaries and titles with a passion; I don't know what it is about them.

In a very vague statement, I got my yuletide assignment, and I laughed. That is all.

Dear Yulegoat

In which I request fandoms so Canadian I might as well bleed maple syrup

Dear yulegoat,

yuletide letterCollapse )


Second verse, same as the first

Yes, I don't update.

No, I don't really have anything interesting to say :)

I routinely have issues with smutty_claus (usually I just have problems getting the characters to sleep together, I'm more a PG-13 sorta gal), and this year is no different. I haven't had much time to dedicate to it, and then I went back to it again today and realized that the male lead in what I had written? Not so in character. At least not enough to satisfy me.

New characters? One week? Not a lot of free time? This will go well, going back to the drawing board.

Oct. 9th, 2011

*Disclaimer before anything else: right now, I have about thirty tabs open. The only time I've had for LJ is skimming, so I've opened up every page I've meant to comment on and left them...and never hade the time to come back to them. I'm going to try and find all the ones that I've lost, but at the same time a general ♥ to everybody on my f-list if I eventually can't. I'm a bad LJ person these days.

*The wedding I kept rambling about went well; the bride was lovely, and the least bridezilla woman ever. At least until her mother came over, ha. Still, the whole thing was very nice (and I didn't fall, and didn't look ridiculous, though...still, not pretty). In the end, it turned into more of a big party for family and friends rather than a stuffy affair. Not too many weddings I've been a part of that ended with dancing on the limo bus after the fact :) The mini-vacation that went along with the wedding was as well, though complicated my personal life a little *snort*

*Personal life busy (blah blah....blah *omitted for boring details*)

*My smutty_claus assigment, I finally got time to start really thinking about tonight. Initially, I hadn't had any problems with the assigment when I received it - had just realized it had would be a new challenge, but didn't really mind that idea. Of course now that it's more than just an abstract concept, I'm realizing it really is going to be a challenge, ha. What's that quote from the Simpsons? I was looking for a challenge, but one I could do /bastardized version of it

*Writing wise, I really do want to participate in yuletide this year, but I'm not sure how any of this writing is going to be feasible. What time I do have is not exactly time where I'm in a cheery, creative mood.

*Hope everybody Canadian is having a good Thanksgiving weekend. It's not exactly high on my family's list of priorities, but I'll take any excuse for a long weekend - and for once, one I didn't have to work!

*My evening right now? Watching Footloose. You know, the real version. It's high up there on the list of movies that should never be remade. Along with Dirty Dancing and everything that could be considered a "classic" even if not high on quality.

Bullet points of random

Long time no update to my livejournal. I hadn't quite realized how long it's been. As thimble_kiss put it, you know you're slacking when she's updated faster ;)

*Fandom wise, things are quiet. I haven't written a thing since wizard_love, but I did cave on smutty_claus as per usual (I think it might be closed? - but if not, go sign up! I'm a good enabler), and will sign up for yuletide as well. I hope to get something as easily inspiring as I did last year with Being Erica; not always the case when you're usually writing in a completely new and rare fandom.

*Part of the lack of online participation is feeling drained from real life. Not that I really have to explain that to anyone, I'm sure. I have a lot of big...let's call them "things", that came up with work, which have sucked the life out of me. If I'm not hypertensive before I'm thirty, let's just call it a miracle.

*In both fun and stressful news, I'm real estate hunting! Which is a challenge, since you know, I'm not rich and I'm single and I'm picky. I'd love to live in a city where housing costs didn't nearly triple in the last eight years, but alas. I'm mostly condo/townhouse hunting since it's just for me and I'm lazy as hell with yardwork, but somehow they're overpriced even relative to houses. So....I don't know. At least my real estate agent is attractive so I can take pleasure in the experience in a shallow way?

*I'm off for my friend's wedding next weekend which I'm looking forward to! (though not the dress) I'm hoping against all hopes when I get the bridesmaids dress back this week it's been altered properly. I'm not sure the seamstress really got what I was talking about (language barrier) - and there's not a lot of time left. I managed to fly down for her bacherlorette, but couldn't justify the shower as well. I feel like an absentee bridesmaid :( In some ways it's probably best; I think the maid of honour and I would not get along well on a long term basis.

*I've become a little bit more baseball obsessed than usual this year. Which was hard to beat :) It helps that it's nice and mindless way to relax when one has a spare moment.

End of an Era

So am I the only person I have friended on LJ not seeing Deathly Hallows part 2 immediately this weekend?

It sure feels like it reading the posts, lol.

I'm looking forward to when I do have the chance though. Deathly Hallows the book itself was more "The End" for me, but at the same time - with nothing new after this, it really is the end of an era. I've dabbled in more fandoms, but Harry Potter really has been the biggest commitment. Not that I plan on cutting loose, but it's so different with nothing at all to rejuvenite fandom in the future outside of the fans own creativity.

*nostalgic tear*

ETA: I've been watching too much baseball this summer. I can't see "Era" without thinking "ERA" - for all the stats experts have debunked it as a truly relevant statistic.


Fanfic, to be or not to be

Original credit to serrico whom I got the link from originally, but I just wanted to share a surprisingly good article on fanfic. You can find it here in the Times Magazine Arts section, in appropriate timing to the last HP release (side note: *wipes tear*, end of an era). I really appreciated the quality of the article. Not really because it wasn't outright condemning of the topic, but because the author seemed to really do his research and listen to the feedback he received - and didn't entirely miss the point of fanfic and fandom.

(Yeesh, I haven't updated since May. I exist. I am generally wiped all the time. Though I just got back from a short trip to New York - which was a really good time. ireneadler, thank you so much for pointing me towards the Strand. It was one of my favourite parts of the trip :) Bookstores are my happy place)

May. 1st, 2011

Though I'm sure nobody has exactly forgotten, at least those who planned on voting anyway - tomorrow is the Canadian election. Still, my night-before-an-election post always includes this rather appropriate clip from This House Has 22 Minutes as an entertaining incentive. Better of course if you can recognize all the politicians who took part.

This post should come around every four years, but obviously a minority government meant yet again...it's coming sooner



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